Archaeological museum

Villaputzu,  -Cagliari-


Design competition

Partners: LCA & parteners, Luigi Cafiero, Pasquale Di Lorenzo, Maria Angela Rea.

In the context of the archaeological ruins of "Sarcapos", close to the port of the Roman city, the municipality of Villaputzu (CA) has organized a competition of ideas for the construction of a new archaeological museum, to be built at two decommissioned tanks circular shape and a diameter of about 25m. The design proposal delivered, provides for the construction of the museum to above the tanks, while maintaining the same size, reconfiguring the spaces and connections it is proposed to integrate, from the point of view of landscape, these two cylinders in reinforced concrete. On one of them was "supported" the volume of the exhibition hall, a square prism which has been reduced by the circular shape of the tank, thus generating the facing on the water left in the center, visible both during the journey of the access ramp to the upper level from both the exhibition hall. The second tank instead has been considered as a circular courtyard excavated, on the whose perimeter take place in the museum of the facilities and laboratories as well as offices and a small library, while in the middle of the court a tree and a few sessions generate a direct view of the sky.

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