House G-A

Casapesenna,  -Caserta-


The project involves the construction of a detached residence in the municipality of Casapesenna (EC), the lot in question has a rectangular shape (18m X 36m). Due to the presence of a small electricity transformer station we tried, through the project, to create a visual screen, so we have created a tripartite division of the lot with as many courts that serve the building. A first courtyard surrounded by a porch, it generates the input space reserved for cars, the access paths to the residence and it identifies the center space of the garden, the next court identifies the accommodation on the border while the outdoor space is reserved to accommodate the light wells for the underground spaces of the building and to serve as an outdoor seating when you open the windows on the ground floor. Finally, the third court, where there was the transformer substation, it is reserved for the service areas of the kitchen as well as slots for the technological systems. The accommodation is spread over three levels, two above ground, where you will find the living area, kitchen, bathroom and study, and a basement, where they place the bedrooms with their services. All the accommodation is further drained by a small interior space, which is offset at every level, that well as generating natural ventilation, it creates the views of toilets and generate particular effects of light within the building itself.

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