House L-A

Casapesenna,  -Caserta-


Realized project

The project concerns the arrangement of outdoor areas of a family home. The need of the client was to build a canopy that covered the space of 4m before the three inlets, that are located on the south side of the house, and another one used to cover two cars. The design was created in relation to a preexistence of two walls in concrete. From these little walls come out others walls that cut the outer space in a longitudinal way, and creating a overlay and slip between them ,in this way, they can change the perception of the place in different perspectives. These walls, composed of large slabs ofstoneware, of different heights, sometimes they can be used as small seats, other are just a support for the two canopies that are situated above. They also contain, in their planimetric drawing, the parts of the paved courtyard and the parts left to the garden where the mere presence of an olive tree in its own natural sculpture, becomes the main actor in the scene. The longitudinal cut is emphasized by the coating ofthe walls which continues also in the horizontal plane, along the length of the batch, and so we can find the creating of some continuous bands in light gray. Here, there are placed small lights that during thenight create a luminous sign along the lines of the walls. In the two shelters the main metal structure is exposed to improve the longitudinal tension of the entire project from the entrance courtyard and it leadsto the entrance of the house. The shelter is placed on the inputs and one of its half is covered by glass that are used to ensure and safeguard the beam of light on the sunny side of the house.

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