Light stand

Parete,  -Caserta-


Design competition

first place

Versatility and ability to create a system. These are the issues that we can find in the research of a model-type of kiosk business in the town of Parete. The plan of the kiosk starts from a square form 2mlx2ml. Its volumetric composition is a rectangular six-sided, and four of these can be opened, can be rotate, can be slide or can be translated, and greatly expanding the exhibition space. Versatility and ability to create a system. The entire structure of the stand consists of box-shaped aluminum, which are hidden from polycarbonate panels for the outer part, and panels in ALUCOBOND for theinterior shelves that are openable. The versatility of the kiosk is not made only in its different forms of opening of its panels, or in the various possibilities of modeling about display shelves, or even, in the various capacities of composition, but also in the diversification of functions that the kiosk can assume in day and night. During the day, the physical structure of the kiosk (2mlx2ml), together with the exhibition space of the open panels, creates a space for the "shops". At night, when all the panels are zipped in the original forms of the box, the kiosk becomes a lantern light thanks to its outer skin translucent made up of LED systems, through which may be issued advertising images or interactive images linked to information system of the city (exhibitions, events, etc.).

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