Service architectures - Milan expo 2015



Design competition

The competition involves the design of the architecture of the service, to the EXPO 2015 in Milan, these architectures can become the manifesto of the entire exhibition, and it has a sensitive topic such as nutrition of the planet at the same time the technology that can improve the quality of life.Looking at the EXPO area, you realize that you are immersed in a real agricultural area, for some tens of kilometers you can meet urban centers in the peaceful countryside. The design of the architecture comes from the following consideration: the possibility of having some useful products to the construction of the architecture of service. In particular it was considered the "straw" as the main element for the construction of the architecture of service. The design solution includes essentially three materials: the steel for the bearing structure, the straw to the casing and the plastic (methacrylate - PMMA) for the realization of the transparent parts / technological and for the protection of the casing of straw.In particular, the concept of the project can be simplified in this way:it is a mass of straw (upper level) piecewise weakened and eroded by the passage of light, and it is placed on a transparent or opaque element (ground floor),with this design solution we try to give maximum permeability to the ground floor and have a chance to be able to cross at various points in order to better connect the open spaces of the EXPO.The use of a material such as straw, is associated with the most modern technologies: interactive displays, touch panels, back-projected transparent, photovoltaic cells, Bluetooth transmission systems, and they allow you to interact with visitors who have a Tablet or Smartphone, and in this way you can send them information about current events, map of the exposition site and its services.All this project can encourage in these types of places, considerable advantages in terms of comfort, affordability, environmental sustainability, architectural quality and technology.

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