Church Santa Maria del Carmine complex

Santa Maria la Carità,  -Naples-


Design competition

Partners: Piccolo Vittorio, Piccolo Antonio, Romano Ciro, Salzano Antonio, Sorrentino Odoardo.

The project kicks off from the analysis carried out in the historic fabric of this area, focusing on the system of the Villa Domestica, which featured strongly, over the centuries, the architecture of the place. In fact, its architectural and peculiar characters are: the presence of the atrium and the service functions that were taking place around it, the peristilium and more; become the basic concepts on which, in the fourth century A.D., took shape the systems of the early Christian basilicas. The remains of some of this content, such as: the atrium-portico open on the road, which becomes the central heart of the complex and prepares the religious atmosphere to the visitor; or the preciousness of the inner light that gently descend on the sacred space of the liturgical function are at the base of the church project. The entire system is characterized by two large shelters that run from east to west of the lot, which alternate the open spaces and built volumes. The first shelter (to the south) spatially welcomes the visitor on the road and places it in the different functions; the other (to the north), welcomes the classrooms of the pastoral ministry and opens to the rear garden. The two floors of simple shelters close two white and pure volumes; a larger and higher which is the church, and the other (the parish hall) that closes the entrance courtyard and turns east toward the sports and recreational activities to the pitches.

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