New city library

Briosco,  -Monza and Brianza-


Design competition

Partners: Molitierno Francesco, Piccolo Antonio, Sorrentino Odoardo.

The project area for the new public library in Briosco is that of the urban park. In a residential neighborhood, the design hypothesis has placed its bases on the idea of conservation of green spaces and the park functions with the inclusion of a new semi-underground complex that fits in the folds of the territory, following the natural site altitudes. In fact, the gap has been the starting point for the development of the library, because, along the north (east) - south (west) of the lot there is a natural hump. This staggering of quotas fits the new library, preserving the two-division of the inputs from the road. The coverage of the library is entirely designed as a large roof garden that exploiting the orography of the soil, tends to rise upwards in the central part, giving rise to cuts of the glass from which the whole complex takes light and air; while offering a solution of continuity with the garden of the external urban park. Inside the building, in three different heights, the required functions are located. The atrium is the central node where converge the input flows from the two sides (east and west). It also distributes the flows of the library and room for the kids. This last room has the two glass facades facing south and south-east so it is bathed in light that gives at the play area a great shine and vitality. The space for the library, however, lives of reflected light because its large openings are to the north and northwest; all this significantly increases the comfort for reading and storage of the books. Finally, at the end of functional spaces, there are blocks of services (bathrooms, utility rooms and archive).

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