New science center

Bagnoli,  -Naples-


Design competition

The redevelopment, remediation and the constant search of an intimate relationship that reconnect the dry land to the sea, are the foundations to the project of the new "Science Centre" in the City of Science (Bagnoli,Napoli). After the devastating fire of March 4, 2013, which took away an important piece of the Bourbon foresight about the industrial architecture, the sense of rebirth can and must start from the awareness of the beauty of a place which reflects the charm of its land, among ripples of the sea of an intense and sparkling blue. The close relationship between the urban hinterland and the sea, draws the lines of the new science museum. In fact, the Posillipo hill (to the south) and Via Diocletian (to the north) closed the entire area, ending its westward extension, on the beaches of Coroglio. The volumes are distributed in a particular way: they become real "telescopes" that frame the seascape portions, by bringing into permanent relationship the open spaces of the squares and the internal ones of the museum with the sea and its spectacular perspectives.

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